3 and 2 days before the procedure avoid high residue foods

Foods to avoid 

Anything with seeds or shells


Pulses (beans and lentils)

Fruits with seeds  (berries, grapes) or skin (apples/pears)



Bread with intact grains


Leafy or fibrous vegetables

Jam with seeds




Crunchy peanut butter

Permissible foods


Carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and potatoes with skin removed

White and Brown bread. (Not multigrain)


Seedless fruits such as bananas

Low residue cereals such as Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies

Dairy products


Apple sauce

Pureed avocado (guacamole)

Plain cake or cookies

Juice with no seeds or pulp

Tea and Coffee

Smooth peanut butter

The whole day before - Clear fluids only - even breakfast

for example, you can see through apple juice, you CANNOT see through orange juice or milk

Water, Ginger Ale, Apple Juice, Sprite, 7 Up, Garorade, PowerAid, Coconut water are all OK

Nothing red.  Orange is pushing it.

Tea and coffee with no milk (sugar is OK).  Best NOT to have dark coffee the morning of the test

Chewing gum is OK if you do not swallow it

Reminder - follow OUR instructions, not the ones found in the preparation package

Pre Colonoscopy Prep Diet

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