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Dr. Murray's Heartburn and Reflux Nag Sheet

1.         Do not eat solid food after supper.  Liquids are acceptable. 

2.        Do not bend over or lay down after eating meals - stay upright. 

3.         Eat smaller, more frequent meals during the day and avoid over-eating. 

4.         Lose weight. Avoid tight belts. 

5.         The following foods/substances often precipitate heartburn or reflux.  Not everyone is bothered by all of these substances but you will have to see which of the following may upset you.     

Citrus Fruits
Fatty Foods
Spicy Foods

          You may also find other foods which are not on the list. 

6.         Some people need to elevate the head of their bed at night so any stomach contents don’t back up while sleeping.  Sleeping on extra pillows won’t help.  Two 6” blocks are usually sufficient.  An alternative is to buy a large foam wedge (for example, “Bedge”) from a medical supply store.