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If you chose to do this with sedation, arrange for another adult to take you home after the procedure.  Remember you will NOT be able to drive.  Expect to be ready to go home about one hour after your scheduled appointment. 


GASTROSCOPY PREPARATION   The stomach must be empty to ensure an adequate examination.  It is important that you have nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before the test.  If your appointment is in the afternoon, you may have clear fluids ONLY before 08:00 am.  Take your regular medications in the morning with sips of clear fluid. Wear loose fitting clothing and a T-shirt.  Ladies (and men), no lipstick or jewelry.  

AFTER GASTROSCOPY   It is not unusual to have mild cramping and to pass air which is introduced into the bowel during upper endoscopy.  You may return to your normal diet immediately.  The sedative medication may impair memory, co-ordination, concentration and judgment for several hours even when you feel normal.  Take this into account when you plan your activities for the balance of the day.  You may have little memory of having had a test.  This is one of the desired effects of sedation and not a cause to worry.  

If you notice abdominal pain, fever, vomiting or black stools call us at 905-947-9437 during working hours or go to the nearest emergency department.  These could be the first sign of a complication.  There is a 1:10,000 chance of perforating the esophagus.  

1 week notice is required for cancellation or there will be a $200 fee charged directly to the patient.