Dr Murray's helpful hints for colonoscopy preparation

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Avoid high residue foods such as vegetables, seeds and nuts three days before

Yes. Even vegetables. Rice and potatoes are OK

You can puree some vegetables like avocado

Admit it. You've always wanted an excuse to skip your veggies anyway.

Apply some Vaseline to the anus to prevent discomfort from the frequent diarrhea

​If you feel nauseated you can take Gravol before each dose of laxative

Use any non-red clear fluid you please

Beer is a clear fluid

White wine is a clear fluid

Scotch* is a clear fluid

Sports drinks like Gatorade are easier on the kidneys, and prevent electrolyte shifts. Have some.

​If you are not a Gatorade fan, try diluting it 50/50 with water

Do not make plans the evening before, or the evening of, the procedure

You may get decorating ideas in your washroom

Bring a good book or magazine

Our secretary may call the day before to confirm your appointment. She doesn't need to know where you are sitting

Surprisingly, PicoSalax is not found in the 'clear-out' section of the drug store

Please do not keep saying 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet' during the procedure

Baby Wipes are less irritating than toilet paper, and you will want to baby the area today

When the procedure is over we can write a note to tell your spouse or boss that your head is not up there

The more clear fluid you take, the better the preparation

 *- If your doctor does a good job you might want to bring him a bottle of clear fluid as a thank you